5 Tips for Attracting More Applicants

16th July 2018

The content of a job spec can say a lot about a company. If you are writing a job spec, there are a few important things you should remember if you want to attract the best candidates or any candidates at all.

1. Use of language

Unless you’re hiring someone to assassinate your competition, you are not hiring a ninja. Are you looking for someone to melt your face with a guitar solo before smashing the guitar? If not, you’re probably not hiring a rockstar.

I know this kind of language is common in the startup scene. You might even think that it makes the company sound edgy and young but in reality, it sounds cliché and can be fairly of putting.

2. Outline the interview process

Tell us about the interview process. Does it take 12 weeks and involve an unpaid trial period? Letting applicants know what getting the job is going to involve will help attract more applicants. The applicants are also going to be prepared for the interview process.

3. Is a degree necessary?

It’s pretty common to see software job posts that state a degree is required. Usually, though, the company would be happy to accept a candidate who has industry experience instead. If that is the case then say so. You could be missing out on potential candidates.

4. Disclose the salary

When looking for a job, do you consider the salary before applying? Of course you do, everyone does. If you value your time and the time of the time of applicants, please include a salary range in the job posting.

5. Make sure your requirements are actually requirements

Job requirements are written with good intentions but they can excluding. A lot of applicants who would otherwise be great for the job are put off applying if they don’t meet all the requirements. Instead, it’s better to describe what a successful applicant will be doing on a daily basis.

Let the applicant decide if he or she is qualified. You’ll get to ask questions in an interview to confirm this.


At the end of the day, you’re hiring people. Treat them like so. Don’t waste time and talk to them like they are adults. There is no secret to attracting applicants, just show that you value their time. When you’re ready, head over to the Post a Job Page and tell the world about your job opportunities.

Paul McBride

Founder of WeCode NI