Frontend Engineer

Axial3D·Belfast, NI·£29K - £35K


Closing Date: 10th January 2022

Role Summary:

As an experienced frontend developer you will work with our development team to create web application products that make patient-specific care routine.

You will work closely with senior engineers, product, operations, UX, and quality teams to ensure we build high quality web applications that satisfy our users and stakeholders.

Your emphasis on code cleanliness and testing will translate into building high quality, reliable, and secure production ready software.

Responsibilities & Authority:

- Design, code, test, and document software of medium to high complexity.

- Deliver component level designs with consideration to integrations with other components.

- Contribute to component level design.

- Build observable software components that will survive in production.

- Follow guiding principles for good practice software engineering and regulatory compliance.

- Follow efficient and regulatory compliant software packaging and delivery processes.


- Can lead by example using strong written and verbal communication skills to empower others to do the best work they can.

- Skilled in HTML, CSS, and modern JavaScript tools and techniques and comfortable with component based frameworks (Vue, React, Angular, Svelte), TypeScript, and ES6+.

- You have an expertise in building web applications and are unafraid to contribute to any other part of the product.

- Proficient in frontend state management and component communication (Flux, Vuex, Redux) as well as Web API interaction and data transfer.

- Working understanding of how to test web applications (Jest, Cypress).

- Can design best practice approaches to leverage the AWS cloud environment.

- Proficient in the use of software delivery tools in a CI and CD pipeline.

- Can identify highest value work independently according to product and business goals.


- Previous experience working in a medical software or medical device company, or other regulated industry.

- Previous experience in an early or mid-stage company.

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