Junior / Graduate Software Engineer [Core]

Cloudsmith·Belfast or Remote·£24K - £38K


Closes: 30th November 2020.

Download PDF: Junior / Graduate Software Engineer [Core] - Job Description 

About Cloudsmith

Cloudsmith (https://cloudsmith.com), your friendly neighbourhood Package Management startup, is a fully managed 24/7 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for securely storing, scanning and sharing assets, packages, and containers. We have shipped millions of software packages for companies around the world and specifically help with: (1) development, for build pipelines and managing dependencies; (2) deployment, for delivery to servers; and (3) distribution, for helping vendors sell and distribute software.

Following a series of successful funding rounds, Cloudsmith is a fully backed startup, with support from investors, and customers from across the world. A small but growing team of people, who love technology, security, automation, and (of course) packaging, run the service today. We’re expanding this team, and we’d like you to be a part of it.

We need your help to continue our mission of being the world’s best choice for software storage and distribution, and this is an incredibly exciting opportunity to become part of the success story. You’ll be getting in on the ground floor as an early engineer at the company. Our goal is to become Northern Ireland’s next SaaS-based technology IPO, and we can get there together.

You can find out more about your future career and company on our website (see our marketing), blog (see how we build), GitHub organisation (see what we produce), Twitter (see our banter), and LinkedIn page. Our product demo on YouTube provides a 7-minute overview of the Cloudsmith functionality.

About You, The Ideal Candidate

You are passionately technical with empathy for your fellow Human beings. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty with new types of software or programming languages, and you’ve perhaps got some professional experience already. You don’t shy away from tasks and can collaborate plus communicate your ideas to others. You have specialities and preferences in your craft, but you’re adaptable. A passion for quality and solving interestingly difficult problems is essential.

A University degree is less important than relevant experience, but you’ll probably have an aptitude and outlook equivalent to the experience of a graduate (if not a degree). We want to see that you’re a voracious and passionate learner, that you love on-boarding new skills and technology, and you find joy in solving difficult but enjoyable challenges. You will have built things that made you proud; such as complex projects you’ve completed, open-source projects you’ve contributed to (or created), or other hobbies that involve software or hardware.

You are looking to take the first step, perhaps first professional step, of your journey to becoming a fully-fledged engineer; and you’ve just found the right company: Cloudsmith.

In short, your qualities: 1. Smart. 🙌 … 2. Gets Things Done. 💥 ... 3. An Awesome Human Being. 😎

About The Role/Challenges

We’ve built Cloudsmith using some of the best technology that the Cloud offers. You can expect to see technologies such as Python, Django, Chef, Ruby, Docker, Packer, PostgreSQL, Terraform, Memcached, Nodejs, AWS services (e.g. EC2, S3, CloudFront, Fargate, Lambda), etc. plus others for packaging, integrations, tooling, and platform support services. Other services like GitHub, for source control and open-source continuous integration; DataDog, for centralised logging, monitoring and observability; and CircleCI, for platform continuous integration, help us with this.

This core software engineering role involves a combination of backend (more) and frontend (less) coding: building APIs, workflows, tasks, and interfaces (UI/CLI); all while keeping performance, usability, maintainability and security in mind. We’re also responsible for deployment and keeping the service going; occasionally with a pinch of customer interaction. You’ll be more skilled in some of these than others, and that’s OK. We work as a team to support each other.

Due to the criticality of the service, you’ll share an on-call rota with the engineering team, which means being available to fix issues if they pop up; you’ll be paired with a buddy to make sure you’re not alone. Treating Humans with care is essential to us, and our culture of ownership, of taking code from creation to deployment, is critical in supporting that.

So we’ll need your help to build/code, deploy and scale the service together, plus refine our processes around this and quality control. Let’s make the world a better place with superlative, highly available, and secure package management that is dependable for everyone. You will build the world’s best package management service; full stop.

About The Location

We’re based in Belfast / Northern Ireland, but like us and the entire team right now, you’ll probably be fully remote, although our preference is for you to be within 1-2 time zones of GMT.

About The Compensation

For excellent candidates like you, expect an incredible learning opportunity and compensation:

  • Salary range of around £24k to £38k depending on experience, plus share options!
  • 35 days annual leave (incl. public holidays), plus 10 days full sick pay.
  • Flexible working policies, private health insurance, and great pension contributions.
  • Budget for getting setup (£3k, to include a powerful laptop, renewable every 3 years).
  • Extra perks, like free days, to attend technology conferences.

About Equal Opportunity

We’re an equal opportunities employer who does not discriminate against age, sex, gender, pronouns, race, disability, pregnancy, marital or parental status, political ideology, creed, sexual orientation, or religious background, etc. Your ability and passion are infinitely more important to us.

How to Apply

To apply, simply email us at jobs@cloudsmith.com with the following: Tell us about why you’re the right person, why you want to work for Cloudsmith, and attach your C.V. as a PDF (preferable). Sending us code or diagrams would be a bonus but isn’t required. Finally: we would encourage you to apply, even if you feel underqualified, especially if you’re underrepresented. 💙

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