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Dawson Andrews is a digital product firm providing Product Management, UX, UI and Engineering Services. We partner with the worlds best companies and startups to develop digital products and experiences with an expectation that our work will deliver revenue.

What’s The Role?

Our main tech stack usually consists around a Ruby API (usually Rails, sometimes Sinatra - depending on the project) built using test driven development, accompanied with a frontend using modern web technologies such as Vue JS, React, React Native and Swift. We love working with the latest, cutting-edge technologies as we do our best to keep ahead of the curve whenever possible, so you will not be restricted to this tech stack. We’re on the lookout for full stack developers with the ability to self-manage, as well as work well within a team. You will be involved with projects from the ground up; helping to scope the work involved within a project, developing feature ideas and deciding upon the most applicable technologies to use. We do our best to be as transparent as possible with our clients, giving them a full oversight on the progress of their project and making them feel a part of our team; therefore you will be expected to deal directly with clients on a regular basis.

Client and service work is not all that we do. One of our goals over the coming year is to develop more in-house products. So if you have any project ideas - we’d love to hear about them! An example of this would be Ripley Chat; a chatbot we built in-house which is now being used across over 250 car dealership websites, including Used Cars NI! If you have experience dealing with servers and hosting, that would be an added bonus. At present we tend to use a mixture of Heroku, AWS and Netlify for our projects, with thought given to worker servers, load balancing and scalability to ensure little to no downtime.

We love working with the latest, cutting-edge technologies as we do our best to keep ahead of the curve whenever possible, so you will not be restricted to this tech stack.


Must have:

  • 3+ years of experience building web apps
  • High proficiency in JavaScript and React.js (If it involves JavaScript, you have already done it, or are comfortable figuring out how.)
  • Familiarity with HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript and UI/UX design
  • Experience with Git version control software
  • Deep understanding of mobile applications
  • Previous experience working in a cloud-based environment
  • Great eye for detail and a strong sense of responsibility
  • The desire to solve difficult problems
  • The ambition to develop well written and designed software
  • The aspiration to work with others to solve complex problems

Nice to have 

experience with...

  • Machine learning and/or artificial intelligence
  • React Native
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node.j
  • Sinatra
  • PHP
  • Swift
  • Angular
  • Node
  • Vue.js

Examples of previous projects

We also created our own chatbot Ripley being used across the UK by the automotive industry. We hope you can help us expand Ripley into new industries and markets

You might also like to read our approach to the Agency Pricing Model which will give you a sense of why we have been so successful.


Top Salaries 📈

We aim to hit the top 5% bracket for salaries (relative to where someone is living) so that our employees don’t have to worry about their finances.

Work where you're most productive 🏡

Our office is usually a hotbed of activity and we understand not everyone can work in an environment like that. We leave it up to our employees to work where they’re most productive.

40 hour work week 📅

Strategic planning and realistic deadlines help us achieve this. We work hard, but we go home at reasonable times.

Pension plan 👴🏼👵🏼

We help you set up a retirement plan.

Vacations 🌞

20 days annual leave, a day off on your birthday, public holidays, paid parental leave.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Dawson Andrews is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, or gender identity.

How to Apply

Please email us with a cover letter, CV, and link to your portfolio.

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