Full Stack Developer



This is a senior position. We are looking for someone with expertise in development with an interest in shaping and growing products. We are a fast moving start-up, with plenty of opportunities for career growth.

At Pitchbooking, we want to get people more physically active. Our approach is simple - we want to build the simplest booking platform for sports facilities so that the main barrier to doing sport - booking the place to play - can be reduced to a 30 second breeze! More use of facilities also means that these vital community assets are protected, which ultimately leads to healthier and stronger communities!

Essential Criteria

  • You have a fun and positive approach to your work, and treat others well
  • Experience using JavaScript
  • Experience building production-ready front-end applications in React
  • Experience with Node.js and writing server-side JavaScript
  • Ability to create clean and organized code
  • Able to clearly express opinions on product design, while respecting the thoughts and opinions of their peers
  • Strong communication skills
  • Proven ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with engineers and non-engineering stakeholders alike
  • Experience with essential JavaScript project build tools: npm, Webpack and Babel (or similar)

Desirable Criteria

  • Understanding the vision and goals for a web product, and looking at things from a user perspective
  • Ability to craft leading-edge front-end interactions
  • Experience with Express and/or Parse
  • Understanding of best practices for using libraries, version control, and sticking to a shared software development process
  • Experience monitoring and maximizing the SEO of a web product

How to Apply

Either contact us via form on https://pitchbooking.com/careers or send CV to info@pitchbooking.com

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