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Life at ScreenCloud

At ScreenCloud we see the potential where others don't.

Digital screens could one day be as big a part of our lives as the web is today. Our simple digital signage software lifts information out of the places it lives and transforms it into beautiful, screen ready content. Working on everyday consumer hardware, ending clunky digital signage that could only be done by IT. We empower business owners, HR managers and technical teams to create digital signage that changes the way they sell, think and work. It’s quite the adventure.

We’re very proud of our product, but it is our people, and shared values, which will take us where other companies can’t go. We have hubs in London, Belfast, Bangkok and Los Angeles, alongside people working remotely all over the world. This means finding lots of ways to come together, like our annual company retreat, monthly All Hands and weekly WIPs. We treat people like adults as standard, which means freedom to work how, and where, you feel best, and an equal responsibility to do great work.

Coming from different cultural backgrounds (20 nationalities!), we’ve learned to cherish each other’s interests. Some of us enjoy the joy of daily running and looking after our dogs, whilst some of us live for the thrill of boxing, rock climbing or swimming with sharks.

Product Engineering in Belfast

Belfast started with the mission to be the driving force behind ScreenCloud Apps. Apps provide the magic on screen; they're what let users hook up their social media accounts, design their store menus, or showcase their key team metrics.

Our goal now has widened to also provide a platform for users to build their own apps. We write SDKs and guidance for developers, and also develop visual drag & drop tools to produce your own apps in a no-code / low-code fashion.

Beyond that, we're pulling the customer ever further into the heart of our Product Engineering. By bringing Product Managers and Customer Support right into the hub, that user-driven clarity will always be top of our minds.


  • Help build and deliver the APIs and infrastructure that powers our whole app catalogue, including brand new apps you help design from scratch
  • Write primarily in JavaScript/TypeScript on Node and deploy to AWS, with a range of serverless/NoSQL projects as well as Docker/SQL combos. Each project is free to build to the architectures and techniques best suited to its own nature
  • Become a core member of the Apps group, building tools and best practices to make it easier for developers across the company, and even our customers themselves, to build their own ScreenCloud apps
  • Push us to experiment and try new techniques to constantly improve the quality of our platform (We're particularly interested in approaches to make useful monitoring effortless and maximise reliability)
  • Collaborate with designers, testers and product owners to ensure the customer experience is perfect
  • Get stuck in with us on prototypes and MVPs to experiment with the constant stream of ideas for where we take digital screens next. Then help get the best of these into the hands of real customers of course


  • You have demonstrated experience building REST or GraphQL services with JavaScript/TypeScript. You may also have worked in similar languages, and able to discuss the benefits/trade offs of various techniques (We use Go in a few specialised services, but all others run on Node)
  • You have worked with cloud providers like AWS and GCP in the past, and can confidently discuss the trade-offs and opportunities in designing real-life systems on these products
  • You have experience integrating with 3rd party systems at scale
  • You can help lead whiteboard sessions to design new solutions, and discuss the flows of data across those systems
  • You document your work, ensuring knowledge is readily available for both other members of the team, including the frontend developers hitting your services, but equally for new developers who may come across it many months down the line
  • You relish the hard work of demonstrating quality through accurate monitoring and alerting, as well as effective logging for when things do go wrong
  • You understand that the user's experience, both in setting up an app and then seeing it on screen is the north star metric for any work we do. The more complexity we can abstract away from them, the better our systems are!
  • You work best in small teams and deliver the highest quality code when you’re surrounded by great people. You go out of your way to share your knowledge and make difficult concepts understandable for the whole team

Bonus points if you have experience with any of the following:

  • NoSQL experience with services like DynamoDB, or Firebase
  • GraphQL services, such as Apollo
  • Database design and query optimisation on SQL products like RDS
  • Working on modern webapps, built with tools like React or Angular
  • End to end testing with tools like Cypress or Selenium
  • APIs built in Node (Express, Koa, Lambda)
  • Improving build and deploy tooling for reliability and performance

Company Values


We only employ bright, engaged, ambitious grown-ups with a talent for what they do. The upshot of this? We trust our team’s integrity at all times, which means no “clocking in and clocking out”. We encourage home-working and don’t limit ourselves to our employees who are living within a commutable distance from one of our hubs.


We pride ourselves on this value, whether it’s sharing our numbers (warts and all) with our employees or giving open and transparent feedback, we aren't in the market for hidden agendas and elephants in rooms


We want to disrupt the world of digital signage and how physical spaces connect with technology and communicate. We don’t conform to what has already been done and we question the status quo - there can be a better way!


In taking on new challenges that might feel uncomfortable, in our thinking and in having open and honest conversations with each other and our customers.

And all of these should be done with utmost INTEGRITY. We are honest, consistent and fair in everything we do.

So let’s have a chat!

If it’s not the job you’re looking for, at least it will be an enriching experience, we promise.


Check our founders' podcast for a sneak peek into our culture.

How to Apply

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