Software Developer (Ruby on Rails)

Stora·Northern Ireland·£45 - £55k


We (Stora) are on a mission to revolutionise the Self Storage industry. Why? Remember what it was like to book a hotel or flight before the turn of the century? Well, the Self Storage industry is still like that. We’re bringing a modern web-sales first approach to tens-of-thousands of Self Storage operators worldwide.

We know what you’re thinking. Self Storage isn’t very exciting. Well yes. But no! We’re injecting lots of automated tech goodness into its veins to spice things up. We promise you’ll never have to touch a cardboard box.

You’ll be helping to build something similar to Shopify, but for a new industry. It's interesting work on a wide-ranging product, 100% born and raised in N.Ireland, with cool tech-minded people.

Still not convinced?

4-day work week.

+ a decent salary, options and benefits. More on those later...

The Work

To date, we’ve been building a Ruby on Rails app with a sprinkling of Stimulus JS. If you're a Ruby developer with experience across the stack, who doesn't mind trying their hands at anything then we’ll get along.

Generally, we work best with self-starting team players. People who are happy to take the reins and see a piece of work through to completion. We’re always there to help if needs be.

The Company

We’re still working that bit out. We’re early and these things will evolve over time. You can help shape that. Right now we’re very much remote-first. Someday we might have an office with a table tennis table. Or not. We’ll be mindful of what works for everyone.

Hard Borders

Ideally, we’d like someone based in N.Ireland, or at least in the UK. It just makes things easier for a startup like us.

The Bit You Actually Care About

We’re not one of the big American invaders. So we can’t pay you quite as well as them—yet. But we do believe in paying well, and we’re open-minded to different levels of software development ability in order to get the right-fit person. Here’s a rough guide on what we're thinking salary wise:

  • Expert - £55-60k
  • Advanced - £40-50k
  • Proficient - £30-35k
  • Beginner - £20-25k

Beyond That

  • 4-day week - 1 less day a week to ignore your kids while you try to work.
  • Share options - We know 99% of the time these are worth fe*k all, but just in case we 🦄 it, we want everyone to own a bit.
  • Laptop of your choice - We’ll get you what you need. We use Macs though, if you prefer Windows or Linux you’ll need to know how to run a Rails app outside of Docker on it.
  • Health, dental and vision benefits - Insurance for your body, support for your teeth and eyes.
  • Flexible working hours - We prioritise output. As long as you can make the occasional Zoom we’ll be grand.
  • Paid holidays

The Interview Process

Lightweight is the name of the game here.

  1. An informal Zoom with our CTO Chris to chat about all things code (he’s a nerd you’ll be ok). Maybe an hour of pairing to follow up if needs be.
  2. To finish, an equally informal Zoom with our CEO Gavin to talk about money and stuff like that.

How to Apply

Send over the below to by the end of 2020 and we’ll be in touch early January.

  1. Your CV or Linkedin.
  2. Example(s) of work you’re proud of.

Speak soon x

(Unless you're a recruiter. Sorry guys. We've got this one. 👊)

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