PHP Developer

Viodev·Belfast·£15K - £25K


We are a small software development company based in Belfast, building cloud based SAAS solutions for the financial markets.

Our technology is being used by brokerages and traders across the globe daily, and is continually growing in use.

Day-to-day we maintain, support and further develop new and existing technology. 

In 2019, after years of maintaining a growing monolithic application, we fully embraced the Jamstack approach to development. We now utilise sevices like netlify, directus and cloudflare workers, to minimise operational overhead. 

We are looking for a PHP developer to focus on API development. The candidate should have good experience in building php based applications, either native or with a popular framework. 

Key skills required

PHP, Mysql, Redis and Git 


Javascript/jquery, html, css, bootstrap

How to Apply

Send in CV.

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